Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ancient Runes

Just a short post this morning!

You may recall the pattern I did for the Ollivander's Wand; well thanks to the help of some of the other Cuppers, I was able to submit it for the Ancient Runes class.

The prompt:

Craft something to represent a torch or beacon. You might craft in the colors of flame or you might ignite your passion by crafting something you love or that represents the love you feel for another.

My entry:

Good morning professors! In our crafting lives, a large part of what we do is driven by patterns. They guide us to the desired conclusion of finished projects, whether they be wearable, huggable, or simply aesthetically pleasing.
To that end, for Hogsmeade weekend I designed and wrote a pattern up for the great Mr. Ollivander himself: a wand pattern. I have made it free for everyone to enjoy, and hope it will be a beacon to those desiring to one day craft their own wands in the future.
In addition, of course, a simple Lumos spell will provide light…once I have studied enough about it and mastered the incantation. As a NQFY student, I still struggle with even the most basic of spells.
Thank you for your time, professors!

 Here's the badge earned:

I'll try to run through the other projects I did for the month, as I have (of course!) begun a new month both at Hogwarts, and the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps.!

Craft on, fellow nerdlings!

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