Wednesday, March 18, 2015

End of March Task List

So I went through my projects list today and did a revamp in order to make turning in crafting challenges more doable, while still meeting my real life deadlines.  Today is March 18th.  Counting today, I have fourteen (14) days to get this list finished.  Hmm...that's a little over two tasks per day if I don't slack off.

Are you ready?  Let's do this!

1.)  Make Panel 2 of Diane's poncho set.  Edge and turn in for Tactical and Herbology.

2.)  Stuff and close Etho's legs.

3.) Overdye gray yarn and turn in for Care of Magical Creatures, Engineering, and The Three Broomsticks challenge.

4.)  Make Divine Hat and turn in for Charms and Science.

5.)  Attach flowers to Diane's poncho and hat set and sell.

6.)  Close Etho's chest and attach legs.

7.) Make overlay bracelet and turn in for Ancient Runes.

8.)  Stuff, close, and attach 1 Etho arm.

9.)  Check hat size for Tabitha and make new one if necessary.

10.) Stuff, close, and attach 2nd Etho arm.

11.) Make 6 arm panels for BTC.

12.) Stuff, close, and attach Etho head.  Turn in for Detention.

13.) Sew BTC's arm panels.
14.) Make Panel 1 of Savannah's poncho.

15.) Make other 6 arm panels for BTC.

16.) Stuff and close BTC's legs.

17.) Sew BTC's other arm panels.

18.) Make Panel 2 of Savannah's poncho.

19.) Stuff and close BTC's chest and attach legs.

20.) Make 3 BTC head panels.

21.) Assemble, edge, and embellish Savannah's poncho.

22.) Make other 3 BTC head panels.

23.) Stuff, close, and attach 1 BTC arm.

24.) Make Panel 1 of Tabitha's poncho.

25.) Sew BTC's head panels.

26.) Stuff, close, and attach other BTC arm.

27.) Stuff, close, and attach BTC's head.  List with Etho and sell on Etsy.

28.) Make Panel 2 of Tabitha's poncho.  Edge and embellish.

29.) Make Charlie's scarf.  Photo collection and send.

30.) Fix Sheryl's dwarf beard.

To further complicate this entire mess (of course!) my school district has spring break coming up at the end of the month, so I will only be able to haul so much of these projects to New York with me for the last half-week of March.

Obviously, I don't intend to take the entire BTC plushie with me, because I'd have to count him as a carry on if I actually finished him, as there's only a slight chance he'd fit in my luggage.  But I do need to cross him off of my list if there's any hope of starting a new Etho in April.

So, we'll just have to see.  Craft on, friends!

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