Friday, March 20, 2015

Hat & Poncho Set

Another coworker commissioned a similar hat and poncho set from the Posey Collection I did last year, and it's taken me forever to finish it up.

Yesterday I was able to place it on her desk with a clean conscience and cross it off the task list!

Quick, crappy picture:

I turned in the unadorned poncho for Starfleet's Tactical Mission:

Hello Commodore Kristysnowedin, and adjunct instructors! Since I have doubts about the character of Mr. Mudd, I thought it best to construct a means of restraining him posthaste. Not that he would ever resist arrest, mind you, but a cadet should always be prepared!
Thus I have constructed this harmless-looking collar (one might even mistake it for a scarf--these things are all the rage on Rigel VII) made of a neutral brown fibrous substance that is capable of conducting several jigawatts of electricity. The pink and red edging are of course protective barriers to keep the shock field from spreading to anybody except the wearer.
With this device, I feel far more confident that we will have no trouble handling Mr. Mudd should the need arise.
Thank you Commodore!

And also for my Herbology homework:

Professors, I know that grandparents often cherish the new little ones in their lives. This poncho is a gift for the granddaughter of a coworker and friend. I’m sure it will be cozy and warm as the weather continues to fluctuate between winter and spring. Thank you for your consideration!

And the yummy badge I had to have:

Time to turn up the heat!  Lots to do this weekend!

Craft on, my friends.

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