Monday, March 16, 2015

Dalek Hanging Towel

I'd had this pattern in my Ravelry library for awhile, and finally had reason to purchase it (and no, not just in response to one of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup prompts).  Both Deevius and DSCA have moved into new houses this past year (their own bought-and-paid-for-not-renting-like-me houses).

Well, nerdy home decor is usually a must!  Plus, I've had some of that Sugar'n'Cream cotton yarn sitting in my stash for awhile now; this was the perfect opportunity to use it up by testing this pattern out!

Thus, for my Flying homework:

VelvetKey presents her project to the grading professors with a tired, yet happy smile.
Professors, sometimes the simplest maneuvers can be the most successful when attempting something as difficult as recovering a small object (such as a snitch, or dragon’s egg). Some broomwork utilizes cover--flying among trees, bridge struts, or other forms of shielding in order to disguise one’s movements.
In my project, I attempted to use the main color of my work to conceal the complimentary color until I was ready to use it, much like a surprise attack. I am pleased with the result, and hope you like it, too!
And the badge featured for this challenge:

Not too shabby for a Monday!

Laterz, craft fiends...I mean, friends!

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