Monday, March 9, 2015

February at Hogwarts

Happy Monday!  Let's wrap up the past month with the last of the badges I was awarded:

First, there's Flying Class, where I had to make a project faster than the last time I made it.  I submitted a hat (as I'd just made a similar hat and had worked all the kinks out of the pattern):

For Savannah, my honorary niece.

And the badge:

Then there was the Leaky Cauldron challenge (part of the pub crawl), which you've already seen (the Herbology cozy made for Tom).  The badge for completing that:

We've also been encouraged to post in the Common Rooms' threads and ask questions about being a sorted student at Hogwarts.  I chose to post in Hufflepuff, and earned this badge:

Next, I realized that I didn't share the badges earned from Zonko's Joke Shop during Hogsmeade weekend!  

For telling the following joke (one of my father's classics, badly retold):

There once was a lobster named Boris. He was a great musician, and was regularly engaged to play at his friend Sam the clam’s under the sea nightclub. One unfortunate day, however, he ran afoul of a lobster trap and…well, in the end he went to Heaven.
Once there, St. Peter took a look at Boris’ resume and discovered his love of music. Thus inspired, he gave Boris his very own lobster-friendly harp. Boris loved his harp, but he didn’t feel the same thrill as when he used to be in the spotlight, playing to all the boppin’ angelfish and sea urchins at the nightclub.
St. Peter noticed Boris’ downcast mood, and after due consideration, he told Boris that he’d allow him to go back and visit the disco for one night. Utterly thrilled, Boris grabbed his harp and hopped a raindrop to the ocean. That last night he spent at Sam the clam’s club was the liveliest performance the lobster had ever done! He played like no fish had ever seen, and received standing ovation after standing ovation.
At last, however, Boris had to say goodbye to Sam and the patrons of the club. He climbed a sunbeam and soon found himself back in Heaven. St. Peter went to see how the little lobster was doing, but suddenly he gasped!
“Boris…where’s your harp?” St. Peter asked.
Boris thought long and hard. “Well…I guess…I left my harp in Sam Clam’s Disco.”

I earned this badge:

And then for captioning this picture:

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?

I got this badge:

Finally, I found out that Not Quite First Years could participate in the Hufflepuff Treasure Hunt/Quest/Thing!  There was a badge for each of the seven individual quests, plus an eighth for completing all of them!  There wasn't any actual crafting involved; it was mostly links, posting elsewhere, and in general meeting other Hufflepuffs.



And the one I was really after:

Thanks for sticking with me!  In the next post I'll wrap up my first month as a cadet in Starfleet, and then we can get into all kinds of crafting trouble in March!

Craft on, fellow Potterheads!

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