Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Cunning Commission

Made for a friend, this Jayne Cobb-inspired hat is courtesy of Crafting Adventures.  It's a protest against the recent kerfoffle that happened on Etsy regarding selling similar hats and/or patterns.

Please note: I am not publishing this pattern, selling it, etc. and all that legal stuff.  This was made for a friend; I am not making more and listing them in my Etsy store or on Ebay.

Of course, after I finished making my first official pompom (okay, there was that one time in college, but we don't talk about that!), I had just a smidgen of yellow left over.

True story: this yellow yarn started out as a Caron One Pound skein.

It went into the making of this ever-so-loveable Minion and his precious banana:

(Yes, he's about 2 feet tall.)

And the yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger slippers:

And the yellow slippers for sale on Etsy:

My shop here.

And my first attempt at broomstick lace:

As well as other various projects that are lying around in unfinished bits and pieces.

It really was the skein that kept on giving!

But all good things must come to an end, and today I bade farewell to the yellow skein of awesomeness by making these cluster flowers (pattern courtesy of My Hobby is Crochet):

I think I might string these on some scrap yarn as a garland, or save them to embellish a tote bag or somesuch.

Ah, it was nice to know you, Sunflower Skein!  Adieu!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Written Pattern of some Questionabless

Wow, so a month away!  Away from the computer, away from crochet projects (or, at least, completed projects for myself).

That, and my camera suffered an unfortunate accident of indeterminate description while I was on vacation at the Outer I have no photo records of anything I've done since then!

Or now.

But my mother was kind enough to buy a new camera for my birthday/anniversary/yay holiday reasons! 

Eventually, I will discover how to use it, so I can incorporate pictures with my latest endeavor: a crochet pattern.

Yes, that's right.  I'm attempting to do my first, all-original crochet pattern.  (And by all-original, I mean that I invented the entire thing, as opposed to reworking/improving somebody else's pattern within an inch of its life.)

But until then, I want to get this pattern off the back of this poor envelope that just happened to be in the wrong place when I needed something to write on.  I do warn you that it is highly experimental, as I've only made 4.

Thus, I give you:

Mock Surgical Mask / Face Mask
A free crochet pattern by VelvetKey/Katie B.

Skill level: Easy
Yarn used: Worsted weight
Hook used:  J10 (US)

This mask is worked as all one piece for a single color.

All terms are American crochet terms:

sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - triple/treble crochet
sl st - slip stitch
ch - chain
sc2tog - sc two together; decrease
dc2tog - dc two together; decrease

Note:  This pattern has 3 sizes (S, M, and L).  The pattern will be written for small, with medium in parenthesis (  ) and large adjustments in double parenthesis ((  ))after. 

For example:  Sc 6, dc 5, sc 6  (sc 7, dc 8, sc7)  ((sc 8, dc 7, sc 8))

The pattern:

Chain 18. (21)  ((24))
Row 1:  Beginning in 2nd ch from hook, sc 6, dc 5, sc 6.  Ch 1 and turn.  (sc 7, dc 8, sc 7) ((sc 8, dc 7, sc8))
Row 2:  Sc 5, dc 7, sc 5. Ch 1 and turn.  (sc 6, dc 8, sc 6)  ((sc 7, dc 9, sc 7))
Row 3:  Sc 5, dc 7, sc 5. Ch 2 and turn.  (sc 6, dc 8, sc 6)  ((sc 7, dc 9, sc 7))
Row 4:  Dc 17.  Ch 3 and turn.  (dc 20)  ((dc 23)
Row 5:  Tr 17.  Ch 2 and turn.  (tr 20)  ((tr 23))
Row 6:  Dc 17.  Ch 1 ((2)) and turn.  (dc 20)  ((dc 23))
For L only: ((Row 6a:  Dc, dc2tog, dc 17, dc2tog, dc.  Ch 1 and turn.))
Row 7:  Sc, sc2tog 3 times, tr 3, sc2tog 3 times, sc.  (Sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc 2, tr 4, sc2, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc)  ((sc 2, sc2tog, sc 4, tr 5, sc 4, sc2tog, sc2))

Do not cut your yarn.

Row 7 is the top of the mask; the triple crochets are the nose section.  At this point, you may want to make sure you have a good fit before going on to the straps.

Ch 1 and turn your work sideways.  Sc down the side of the mask: 11 sc.  (11)  ((12))  I did 2 sc in the ch 3 of the tr row to get this number.

Once you reach the bottom corner of the mask, chain the straps.

Ch 20. (25) ((30))

Join strap with sl st to the top corner of the mask.

Sl st across the top of the mask:  11.  (Sl st 16)  ((Sl st 19))

Ch 1 and turn your work sideways.  Sc down the side of the mask: 11 sc.  (11)  ((12))

Ch 20.  (25)  ((30))

Join strap with sl st to the top corner.  Tie off and weave in ends.

That's it!  And now you can applique whatever fun things you want to it! 

I hope to post pictures soon.

And now the legal stuff:  This pattern was written by VelvetKey/Katie Bobbitt and may not be reproduced or sold.  All masks made are to be given as gifts, not sold for commercial use or profit.  If there are any questions, please contact me.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Commission: Impossible?

So the adorable little water dragon (in his spare time) decided to take a little trip down to an office building.  While he was there, he prompted so much awe and attention that his two sisters decided to pop up:

 They now have a lovely home with the granddaughters of one of the area managers.

I hope that they won't hoard too many shiny things to be discovered years later under beds or behind dressers.

I imagine that the mischief of a dragon only compounds the smaller it is.  These little gals might cause quite a ruckus....but I wouldn't be too worried.  A little bacon now and again will work wonders on anyone.

Quest for the One Skein

Let's start out with the confession that I'm a huge craftsy person.  Legend tells of the Christmas my parents got me a bead loom from a catalogue...and it was all downhill from there.

But, rather than go through my entire craft history in one sitting, let's veer aside to the section of my life I'm in now: the yarn section.

What once was a couple of skeins stuffed in a box during my college days has now become a stash that overflows from beneath my bed, out into the living room, and now is mocking my attempts to rein it in by setting up shop in a fiberfill box in the spare room.

(Spare 'Oom?  Yes, Spah 'Oom.)

And of course, having recently celebrated my birthday, I got more yarn and gift cards for craft supplies!  So I have decided to undertake a quest.  You guessed it:  The Quest for the One Skein.

It's not nearly dramatic as it sounds.  Or doesn't sound. know what?  Never mind.

The skein we're following currently started out it's life on a shelf at Wal*Mart.  Ah, such a humble beginning. Actually, it was a last-minute gift project for one of my geek friends up in Lynchburg, VA.

With the help of my husband, I summoned forth the yarn's power to be mighty.  As in...the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

I jest not.  Here's the proof:

But that wasn't enough to begin to use up the entire skein.  So after a bit of sorting through my Ravelry library, and courtesy of Lucy Ravenscar/Collins, this little guy showed up:

So now I'm down to half a skein or so.  I sense a new project coming soon...I'll let you know what pops up next!

Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Going on an Adventure!

"I'm going on an adventure!"

That has to be one of the most evocative lines spoken or printed.  Add to it the image of young Bilbo Baggins sprinting as fast as his furry feet can carry him through the garden gate, down the dirt path from his front door, and along the winding roads of the Shire to catch up with a band of Dwarves seeking to find a home of their own, and you've got it.

Now, I don't imagine that blogging my craftsies and occasional thoughts is going to be quite as epic as something Mr. Tolkien (and Mr. Jackson) pulled off.  But stepping out into the world of the Internetz is an adventure (and a risk) all the same.

Have you thought about it?  There are trolls everywhere!  (Okay, I couldn't help myself.)  Although the similarities don't end there, I suppose.  There are portals to strange places, gateways to good or evil...gems to be found and people you meet in odd places, quite unexpectedly.

Of course, after awhile the metaphor disintegrates.  And you're left wondering: who is this crazy person?

Well, in the manner of Peter Pan, take my hand...and let us have an adventure together.