Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cuttlefish Pattern

So, sad story time.  You might remember how I used to make little cuttlefish plushies for some of my online crafting escapades.  (It's also great for stash-busting, which means using up little bits of leftover yarn.)

This beauty is made from yarn I dyed with 
Easter Egg dye and food coloring.

The pattern was written by a great, generous crafter over at a website called Wyld Scallyns.  Unfortunately, that site is no longer working, and I Love My Cuttlefish.

Using my faulty memory, a Spanish bunny pattern, and a lot of luck, I have tried my best to reproduce the original look of Mr. Wyckoff's crocheted cuttlefish.

Please note:  This pattern is not meant to be exact.  I hope that my imitation is seen as the sincerest form of thanks and flattery to Mr. Wyckoff and his designing talent.



  • 50 yards worsted weight yarn (approximately) in desired color
  • G-hook (4.0mm)
  • Fiberfill/polyfill
  • 10mm safety eyes
  • Yarn needle
  • Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea (optional)


This pattern is amigurumi style (meaning continuous rounds, not joined rounds) and worked in two parts: the body and the head.

Stitches and terms used:

Inc = increase

Dec = decrease (sc2tog)  I recommend the invisible decrease from Planet June.

Bauble = 2dctog in one stitch

F (Feeler) = Sl st in FLO of base stitch, ch 11, turn and sl st 4, sc 3, hdc 3 back.

T (Tentacle) = Sl st in FLO of base stitch, ch 11, turn and sl st 10 back.

2inc = one increase in each of the next two stitches (for a total of 4 stitches)


Start with either a magic circle of 4  OR  ch 2, sc 4 in first ch.

Round 1:  Inc x 4 (8)

Round 2:  (Sc 2, 2inc) x 2  (12)

Round 3:  Sc around  (12)

Round 4:  (Sc 4, 2inc) x 2  (16)

Rounds 5-6:  Sc around  (16)

Round 7:  (Sc 6, 2inc) x 2  (20)

Rounds 8-10:  Sc around  (20)

Round 11:  Sc 9, 2inc, Sc 8, 2inc  (24)   Adjusting stitch shift.

Rounds 12-14:  Sc around  (24)

Round 15:  (Sc 10, dec) x 2  (22)

Round 16:  Sc around (22)

Round 17:  Sc 10, dec, Sc 9, dec  (20)  Adjusting stitch shift.

Round 18:  Dec x 5  (10)

Slip stitch to next, but do not cut your yarn.

Tada!  The basic body shape has now become clear!  Now, it may or may not be obvious, but when you were increasing along the way, they were bunched on either side, to help make a flattened shape.  
You should have finished with your hook on one side of the flattened body.

Edge Ruffle:

Turn the flattened body and slip stitch down the sides of the body, as if outlining it.

Tip:  Keep your stitches loose, as you'll be cramming 3 stitches into them on the next row.

When you get to the tail, you can ch 1 to help you get over the starting round/magic ring.

Continue slip stitching up the opposite side of the flattened body until you reach the other 'shoulder'.

Ch 1 and turn.

(Dc 3 in first st, sc in next) and repeat until you've gone all the way around.

Tip:  If desired, Dc 5 in same stitch at tip of tail for a 'fan' look.

Sl st to finish off and cut yarn.  You will use the tail from the head to sew the pieces together, so secure this end as desired (I usually stuff it inside the body).


Start with either a magic circle of 5  OR  ch 2, Sc 5 in first ch.

Round 1:  Inc x 5  (10)

Round 2:  (Sc, inc) x 5  (15)

Round 3:  Sc 4, F, (T x 6), F, Sc 3  (15, 7 sc, 2 feelers, 6 tentacles)

Tip:  Use a stitch marker with the first stitch of this row, to ensure accuracy.

Round 4:  Sc around, using the 8 free back loops behind the tentacles.  (15)

Tip:  Count after this row; for some reason I always end up adding a stitch somewhere behind the tentacles.

Round 5:  Sc 5, (bauble x 2), Sc 3, (bauble x 2), Sc 3  (15, 11 sc, 4 bauble)

Round 6:  (Sc, dec) x 5  (10)

Sl st and cut yarn leaving a long enough tail to sew pieces together.

Place safety eyes as desired.  I like mine on the outside of both bauble stitches, but some like them between the bauble stitches.

Stuff both head and body as desired, then sew together.

You're done!  Congratulations!

The original pattern by Steven Wyckoff on Wyld Scallyns was free, as is this pattern.  Please do not try to sell this pattern as your own, as it does a disservice to the original creator.  Thank you!