Saturday, April 25, 2015

Commission Complete: BlameTheController II Plushie

After having repeatedly discussed the elusive Away Mission for the SFAC (Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps), I'm so happy to finally show off the completed project!

Here's the handsome devil now:

Clearly, he is calibrating something for use in Engineering.

And based on the Panda's suggestion, I had BTC take a selfie, which I then tweeted:

BTC was kind enough to retweet the image (Mini Fangirl Fiesta!) and I picked up a few new followers on Twitter, including the Walking Dad!  (He's done some of the stickers and things for BTC to give away at meet-ups.)

Immediately after finishing this plushie, I put together the proposal for the Time Lord Travels' Time Vortex Challenge, which features a new-to-me plushie: SkyDoesMinecraft.

I'm working on him from just an image of his Minecraft skin; no papercraft pattern this time.  So far so good:

Other than that, adventurers, we're closing in on the end of April!  Lots of crafting ahead!

Tally hooooooo and craft on!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Commission Complete: Heart Rug

A little while ago, I received an e-mail from DSCA's mother, who has some very crafty relatives.  She included a picture:

A darling little sewn dollhouse!

She asked me to create a tiny, heart-shaped rug to fit inside, and included the dimensions.  I went through several patterns trying to find one that could be tweaked to the appropriate size.

I settled on the Crochet Hearts Applique pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts, available for free through Ravelry, using some Bernat Babycakes yarn donated to my stash by Deevius many moons ago.

The result:

Additionally, I turned it in for the SFAC Engineering Mission this month!

Like all women, Queen Arachnia can be of tempestuous moods that change at the drop of a tiara. She is so changeable that I have opted to distract her with a symbol of affection, and if she does indeed decide to backstab us in this little escapade, then hopefully my distraction will buy us enough time to turn the tables on her.
A friend of a friend designed an adorable little fabric house; she then contacted me and asked me to furnish said house with a rug. I believe that this little playset will keep Arachnia’s devious mind elsewhere while we try to set things right.

Craft on!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Commission Complete: Spring in Illinois

I know, dear readers, that you've seen bits and pieces from this collection for the past two months, but today I am delighted to let you know that I finished the entire commission, the Panda mailed it to my friend Becky, and everything fits perfectly!

(That's a major worry when I make something for a child who could change size at any given moment.)

When Becky is able to have her family sit down for a photography session, I'll be sure to post the final pictures of everything as it was meant to be worn.  But until then, here are the pictures I snagged before packing the box.

The whole, complete collection:

And individual shots of the girls' poncho sets:

Savannah, 2 years old

Tabitha, 6 months

It's been a busy month for me; I finished another large plushie, made a few accessories, and I've spent most of my month trying to catch up.  I feel good about these last eight days of April; I think I have it in me to complete three more projects.

They are:
  • Rarity (a My Little Pony plushie)
  • Jayne Cobb hat
  • Viking helm
And of course, I did start another large plushie (SkyDoesMinecraft) to fulfill the Time Vortex Challenge of the Time Lord Travels (TLT) Ravelry group challenge.

Go Team Dalek!  Exterminate!

Craft on!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time Lord Travels

Apologies for the absence!  I've had a devil of a time trying to finish my Away Mission for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps.

But today I'm going to introduce you to the only crafting game I'm actually scoring points in this month:

A Doctor Who crafting game on Ravelry

I made it into the first round of sign-ups (there are four teams) and I made it onto Team Dalek:


We have been given four quests this term:

The Doctor Says Quest
  • Craft something, anything, to help the Doctor fight-make a friend, foe, device, or anything to help the Doctor on his travels.
New Companion Quest
  • Craft something to prepare yourself for all your trips with the Doctor.
Swarm Attack Quest
  • Craft something to assist the Doctor and UNIT.
Vespiforms Attack Quest
  • Help the Doctor save London by crafting something that might be useful in stopping the Vespiforms.
In addition, there is The Pandorica, (which is just like the Brig or Detention; for projects started before the target month).

And the OWL/Away Mission equivalent (2-3 month project) is referred to as the Time Vortex Challenge.

Despite the fact that we're almost halfway done with April, I've only managed to turn in two quests:

The New Companion Quest Submission:

As a Companion to the Doctor, it is important to be able to communicate with the Doctor even while not being able to talk. Perhaps it would be in a situation where it would be rude to interrupt, or perhaps (although Gallifrey forbid!) I had been captured.
Therefore, I have designed this reversible scarf in order to let the Doctor know whether I am in danger or not. When all is well, I shall display the black side of the scarf. But if I am in need of assistance, I will reverse the scarf so that the red blocks show.
And all that in addition to the scarf’s innate ability to keep my neck warm in all manner of weather!
(It's actually another commission requested by Rick/Marius from Shadowmoor for Amanda/Merina.)

Plus The Doctor Says Quest Submission:


“Hmm? What, Doctor?”
”…is that all you’re bringing?”
I glance at the small red and black bag in my hand. “Yes. Why?”
The Doctor eyes me up and down for a long moment. “It’s just…there have been many companions over the years and I don’t think any of them packed as light as you did.”
With a small, sideways grin, I open the bag and a golden wash of light falls over the side of the TARDIS. “It’s bigger on the inside.”
A smile pulls at one corner of the Doctor’s mouth. “Fantastic.”
Next time I'll show pictures of the completed Spring in Illinois collection!

Craft on!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Adventures of Captain Proton

That's the theme of April's SFAC (Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps) missions.

The individual missions are as follows:

  • Mission: Craft something that requires making choices. (Use a self-designed pattern or one that has multiple options.) Give the reasoning for your choices and how this relates to the characters in Captain Proton.
  • My craft of choice:  Charlie's Scarf from the ongoing Spring in Illinois collection.
  • Mission: Craft something representing language. Incorporate “words” with colorwork, cables, lace, texture, or repeating motifs.
  • Craft of choice:  Tabitha's poncho from the Spring in Illinois collection (this completes the commission).
  • Mission: Craft something to show whether Queen Arachnia is an enemy or ally. If she is an enemy, craft her undoing; if she is an ally, craft a gift as a token of your affection.
  • Craft of choice:  Twilight Sparkle II
  • Mission: Craft a representation of a living being or medical condition you may need to treat (e.g. stuffed animals).
  • Craft of choice:  Rarity
  • Mission: Craft the results of your brainstorming as Doctor Chaotica. Option B: if you have already figured out what villainous invention you would like to make, go ahead and craft it and tell us how it fits into your evil scheme. Be creative and dastardly.
  • Craft:  Jim's Jayne hat.
  • Mission: Your mission: Craft something in blacks, whites, or greys (no color) to blend in to your surroundings in the program.
  • Craft:  Doc's Viking helmet.
And of course, there's always the Brig, which I already turned in:

We're already in full swing, but I feel like I'm behind!  Time to get a'hookin'!

Later this week, I'll post and discuss the projects for the Time Lord Travels challenges (based on Doctor Who).

Craft on!

Monday, April 6, 2015

End of March at Hogwarts

Whew!  I just blew in from spring break and boy did I miss the end of March or what??

Here's the quick recap:

Challenges I participated in and their badges:

AfterSchoolActivities  (Posted in the Hufftainment Centre thread about musicals.)

The Three Broomsticks/ForRosmerta (the yarn I dyed):

I believe the only class I didn't submit homework for was Ancient Runes.

And now the HPKCHC is on break for the month of April!  My goals during this time:

- Plan an OWL of some kind, to be started May 1st.
- Settle in to the Time Lord Travels challenge.
- Catch up on commissions!

I think all of this is totally doable.  Stay tuned for updates!