Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Adventures of Captain Proton

That's the theme of April's SFAC (Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps) missions.

The individual missions are as follows:

  • Mission: Craft something that requires making choices. (Use a self-designed pattern or one that has multiple options.) Give the reasoning for your choices and how this relates to the characters in Captain Proton.
  • My craft of choice:  Charlie's Scarf from the ongoing Spring in Illinois collection.
  • Mission: Craft something representing language. Incorporate “words” with colorwork, cables, lace, texture, or repeating motifs.
  • Craft of choice:  Tabitha's poncho from the Spring in Illinois collection (this completes the commission).
  • Mission: Craft something to show whether Queen Arachnia is an enemy or ally. If she is an enemy, craft her undoing; if she is an ally, craft a gift as a token of your affection.
  • Craft of choice:  Twilight Sparkle II
  • Mission: Craft a representation of a living being or medical condition you may need to treat (e.g. stuffed animals).
  • Craft of choice:  Rarity
  • Mission: Craft the results of your brainstorming as Doctor Chaotica. Option B: if you have already figured out what villainous invention you would like to make, go ahead and craft it and tell us how it fits into your evil scheme. Be creative and dastardly.
  • Craft:  Jim's Jayne hat.
  • Mission: Your mission: Craft something in blacks, whites, or greys (no color) to blend in to your surroundings in the program.
  • Craft:  Doc's Viking helmet.
And of course, there's always the Brig, which I already turned in:

We're already in full swing, but I feel like I'm behind!  Time to get a'hookin'!

Later this week, I'll post and discuss the projects for the Time Lord Travels challenges (based on Doctor Who).

Craft on!

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