Saturday, April 25, 2015

Commission Complete: BlameTheController II Plushie

After having repeatedly discussed the elusive Away Mission for the SFAC (Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps), I'm so happy to finally show off the completed project!

Here's the handsome devil now:

Clearly, he is calibrating something for use in Engineering.

And based on the Panda's suggestion, I had BTC take a selfie, which I then tweeted:

BTC was kind enough to retweet the image (Mini Fangirl Fiesta!) and I picked up a few new followers on Twitter, including the Walking Dad!  (He's done some of the stickers and things for BTC to give away at meet-ups.)

Immediately after finishing this plushie, I put together the proposal for the Time Lord Travels' Time Vortex Challenge, which features a new-to-me plushie: SkyDoesMinecraft.

I'm working on him from just an image of his Minecraft skin; no papercraft pattern this time.  So far so good:

Other than that, adventurers, we're closing in on the end of April!  Lots of crafting ahead!

Tally hooooooo and craft on!

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