Wednesday, May 6, 2015

End of April: Time Lord Travels

I am, as always, perpetually behind in my blog posts.

Today at least I thought I'd catch you up on how the first month of the Time Lord Travels challenge ended for me!

There were four quests, and I had two left to complete:

Swarm Attack Quest:

Free pattern from LillaBjornCrochet.
Fabulous instructions and pictures!

I have taken the technology once used by Captain Jack Harkness in his time vortex manipulator and concealed it within this simple starburst cuff. The sparkly yarn in the center will hopefully distract the Doctor from asking too many questions about it; I’m forever making odd accessories anyway. I understand that with this power comes great responsibility, which is why this cuff can only hold enough energy for two uses. I trust that this will be of great use to U.N.I.T. in fending off this united attack.
Vespiforms Attack Quest:

Free Ravelry download from Cecily Rosol.

After our sojourn on the planet known only as Myst, the Doctor presented me with a strange gift. Briefly flattered, I opened it only to see a simple, woven bracelet. My face must have fallen a bit, but the Doctor did not notice. Then I peered closer, and then tentatively touched the deceptively-ordinary-looking band.
It wasn’t yarn at all. In fact, it was cool to the touch, and faintly damp. I picked the bracelet up carefully and a nostalgic, one could even call it wistful, scent reached my nose. It was the smell of the sea; the fog that danced upon gray waters off the coasts I loved.
“Doctor, I don’t understand how it’s possible,” I said, but he merely quirked an eyebrow at me and grinned in the mischievous manner that told me nothing. “But what does it do?” I pressed, thinking surely something like this had some kind of odd function.
“You’ll know when you need to,” was all the Doctor would say.
Not a week later, I find myself standing on the streets of London, my eyes wide as proper teacup saucers. These…insects were like nothing I had ever seen; dive-bombing bystanders and crushing cars with their six legs.
Then, I heard it behind me: the vibration of wings in the air. I turned, too late, and brought my arms up in front of my face as if that alone could stop the monster. I didn’t even notice the bracelet the Doctor had given me grow warm against my skin. Suddenly, a thick blanket of fog burst around me in such density I almost couldn’t see my hands in front of my face.
The vespiform seemed equally confused; I heard it bumble about for a moment, and then--nothing.
I never could get the Doctor to explain to me the how or why it worked, but all I know is that the bracelet from Myst saved my life that day on the streets of London.
I also turned in a Pandorica submission; I modified the lady Dwarf beard from a couple of months ago in order to make it fit better.

May promises to be interesting; I haven't had time to plan out precisely what I want to do for the new quests, but I'll let you know when I do!

Craft on!

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