Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shadowmoor LARP: April 2015 (Feastival!)

Apologies for the silence this month--it's been so busy around here!

I meant to share some of the photos that were taken at Shadowmoor LARP during the April gather.

April is the month in which we celebrate Feast (also known as Feastival!)...essentially Shadowmoor Christmas.  There are games, player tournaments, and other contests such as the dessert contest and table decorating.

(It is a feast, after all!)

So below I share with you the few photos I was able to take.  I hope you enjoy!

Taken on the Mages' Guild front porch.
Left to Right:  Connor, Uzou, Rengar.

Left to Right: Rengar, Fizz, Kijja.

Left to Right: Kijja, Audrick.

Connor is a Sampan elf, like my character.  He was actually race-changed to a Sampan in a mod I was on with him during his very first gather.  He chose to keep the race-change!  (I think that's pretty awesome.)  Feather (me) got to teach him and his other friends about what it meant to be a Sampan.  I'm very happy that he came back for a second event!

Uzou is a human templar, meaning he's part fighter and part caster.  He's focusing on celestial magic (which is what the Mages' Guild is all about), and has just started learning to cast formal magic (that is, "magic" cast from scrolls in order to do things like make items, store spells for later, and enchant weapons).  He's been running with the group for a little while, and this gather the 'core' members of the group were able to interview him and induct him into the guild.  We gave him a belt favor to wear, in order for him to be easily identified as one of us.

(Of course, that goes both ways.  It is also possible to bring shame to our guild, and if that happens...well, I'd hate to see Guildmaster Kaelys when he's sufficiently angry.)

Rengar is a reaver (a native version of a hobbling, which is a take on halflings/hobbits).  He's a rogue (in both class and manner) and sometimes spends time with our group.  He's actually quite good at accompanying us on trading missions...but as a reaver he is full of mischief and only semi-trustworthy.

Fizz is a gnome, and is nothing without her hat.  (Sometimes I'm convinced that the hat is actually Fizz and the body can't survive without the hat.)  We had a great gather getting to hang out; she's guild second this year and takes that very seriously.  She led us into the field battle on Sunday morning (after the feastival activities had concluded) and was great at keeping the guildees together (which makes healing them so much easier!).  She and I had great and glorious plans for decorating our table for the guild, which was a surprise for them.  It was really nice to spend more time with her; I only wish we lived geographically closer in real life!

Kijja is also a Sampan, of the long-eared variety.  He's also a templar focusing on celestial magic.  It's a shame his shield is wrong-side up; the design on it is pretty intricate.  He was originally brought to the guild by Syl, but has really fleshed out his character and I enjoy roleplaying with him.  My character sort of sees him as a younger brother, and chastises him for silly things as appropriate.

Finally, Audrick is a stone elf (which I'd never met before).  He was also inducted into the guild during the April gather, and as I hadn't spent as much time with him as with Uzou, I really wanted to make sure I understood his motivation.  Bonus: I got to learn a lot about the culture of the stone elves!  He participated in one of the PVP tourneys, and actually did really well!  (I was told; I wasn't there.)

Let me tell you: it is really inspiring as the healer who has to stand in the back behind the fighters and look forward to see all those shiny new belt favors on so many people's backsides.  Makes me feel a little bit safer.

Pidge Tenbeers converses with Burbank.

Trench and Orchid speak with a newer player.

In the top picture, the beard Pidge (Mike the coworker) is wearing was made by moi!  My very first beard, and I'm so very proud of it.

In the bottom picture, Trench is an ogre, Orchid is a Sampan.

Finally, I did manage to capture our table decorations!  Fizz and Rengar were awesome at setting everything up!

Yes, that's my Gaithersburg stole being used as a tablerunner.

Fizz and I chose to do little rubber ducks as our feast favors.
I bought the ducks, and Fizz made the tiny little personalized flags.
Huge success!  Everyone loved them.

One of these gathers, I'm going to be able to get lovely glamour shots of everybody in the guild and update our Facebook group with them.  (I don't photograph well, though, so it might take some doing.)

Until then, craft on!

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