Wednesday, June 29, 2016

HPKCHC : March Classes (W16) - Throwback

Time to catch up on all the stuff I've been into!  Here's what happened in March:

Ancient Runes

Can't get enough of those cuttlefish!


Love trying new things; these make nice dishcloths.


It was all about Pi Day (3.1415...).


For Roger; done in the colors of the Mages' Guild in Shadowmoor.
I want to work with this pattern some more and develop other
color combinations in other a fair warning!


I totally bling'd up a bracelet for this one; 
craft sales will be the death of me and all my paychecks!


I tried again to dye ombre yarn (again, not very successfully),
but I did get to try using Easter Egg dye combined with food coloring!
My one complaint: not very colorfast.

Muggle Studies

A commission for my aunt's friend in California.


Another mandrake for a friend attending a Harry Potter LARP in July!


And the other of the pair was turned in, in my
continuing attempt to submit something for every prompt!

Coming up: Quidditch XXIII!  Craft on!