Friday, May 8, 2015

End of April: Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps

April was the third and final month of the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps spring tour, and I have had a terrible case of Do All the Things.

The normal mission schedule is:

Command Mission

Making wise choices is what defines any officer’s career (even if it is deciding upon a role to play on the holodeck). In my studying of the situation, I have decided that less is more, and that the person who really wins in the end is the one who has a stable job that serves both sides.
In representing my “less is more” idea, I took a pattern designed to fit a 2- or 3-year-old and downsized it to make it wearable by a 6-month old. I have never attempted to do anything like this before, and I still have some concerns about it fitting well, although I have triple-checked the measurements. I changed the neckline to an Asian-inspired side seam to make sure it was large enough, and I hope the final recipient will be pleased.
Diplomatic Mission

Good, solid communication is necessary between two parties that wish to undertake negotiations. Unfortunately, both sides are not always listening to hear these attempts at communication. In these situations, it might be best to set up an automated recording to broadcast the attempt to open negotiations. Of course, the message would be put on a recorded loop to be repeated, which I have crafted as cables.
Engineering Mission

I wrote a previous blog post about this little heart rug commission.

Medical Mission

One might say that the holodeck is an ideal place to train before attempting first contact with alien races. Recently, I have been studying for an away mission on the world newly known as “Equestria” by using old Earth footage of a show known as My Little Pony.
In the event that we should ever need to treat one of these new pony-like inhabitants of Equestria, I have made a model for Sickbay technicians to experiment on.
Science Mission

Nothing is quite as dastardly as having a portable prison sphere that one can carry in one’s pocket. With this handy little device, all Chaotica has to do is throw it in Captain Proton’s direction and the little ball does the rest.
Tactical Mission

As mentioned in the mission brief, it is imperative that one dress in appropriate color and style for any type of mission, whether it is first contact or a holodeck excursion. Even the smallest of details is important, such as one’s accessories in order to convince Queen Arachnia that you are a competent, well-dressed lady worth trusting. (Even if one must turn the accessory inside-out to hide a colorful button.)
I believe that this wrist cuff is the height of evil villainess fashion, and Arachnia will be more than happy to hire me and divulge all of her devious plans.
And then there was an additional bonus mission this month, in memoriam of Commander Spock:

Shuttle Mission

Instructors, in honor of Mr. Spock’s great contribution to the science field, I have made the likeness of a dwarf star. I chose sparkly white yarn to show the intense heat at the heart of the star, and the blue halo evokes the image of the center of a flame. In addition, the blue tone also mimics the blue tunic once worn by Mr. Spock and all of the science division in the 23rd century. Finally, the edges of the starburst design fade to navy and then black, embracing the surrounding void of space.
The reenlistment thread officially opened a couple of days ago; come on in and sign up for a tour with us!

Craft on, alien friends!

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