Friday, April 24, 2015

Commission Complete: Heart Rug

A little while ago, I received an e-mail from DSCA's mother, who has some very crafty relatives.  She included a picture:

A darling little sewn dollhouse!

She asked me to create a tiny, heart-shaped rug to fit inside, and included the dimensions.  I went through several patterns trying to find one that could be tweaked to the appropriate size.

I settled on the Crochet Hearts Applique pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts, available for free through Ravelry, using some Bernat Babycakes yarn donated to my stash by Deevius many moons ago.

The result:

Additionally, I turned it in for the SFAC Engineering Mission this month!

Like all women, Queen Arachnia can be of tempestuous moods that change at the drop of a tiara. She is so changeable that I have opted to distract her with a symbol of affection, and if she does indeed decide to backstab us in this little escapade, then hopefully my distraction will buy us enough time to turn the tables on her.
A friend of a friend designed an adorable little fabric house; she then contacted me and asked me to furnish said house with a rug. I believe that this little playset will keep Arachnia’s devious mind elsewhere while we try to set things right.

Craft on!

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