Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Commission Complete: Spring in Illinois

I know, dear readers, that you've seen bits and pieces from this collection for the past two months, but today I am delighted to let you know that I finished the entire commission, the Panda mailed it to my friend Becky, and everything fits perfectly!

(That's a major worry when I make something for a child who could change size at any given moment.)

When Becky is able to have her family sit down for a photography session, I'll be sure to post the final pictures of everything as it was meant to be worn.  But until then, here are the pictures I snagged before packing the box.

The whole, complete collection:

And individual shots of the girls' poncho sets:

Savannah, 2 years old

Tabitha, 6 months

It's been a busy month for me; I finished another large plushie, made a few accessories, and I've spent most of my month trying to catch up.  I feel good about these last eight days of April; I think I have it in me to complete three more projects.

They are:
  • Rarity (a My Little Pony plushie)
  • Jayne Cobb hat
  • Viking helm
And of course, I did start another large plushie (SkyDoesMinecraft) to fulfill the Time Vortex Challenge of the Time Lord Travels (TLT) Ravelry group challenge.

Go Team Dalek!  Exterminate!

Craft on!

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