Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time Lord Travels

Apologies for the absence!  I've had a devil of a time trying to finish my Away Mission for the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps.

But today I'm going to introduce you to the only crafting game I'm actually scoring points in this month:

A Doctor Who crafting game on Ravelry

I made it into the first round of sign-ups (there are four teams) and I made it onto Team Dalek:


We have been given four quests this term:

The Doctor Says Quest
  • Craft something, anything, to help the Doctor fight-make a friend, foe, device, or anything to help the Doctor on his travels.
New Companion Quest
  • Craft something to prepare yourself for all your trips with the Doctor.
Swarm Attack Quest
  • Craft something to assist the Doctor and UNIT.
Vespiforms Attack Quest
  • Help the Doctor save London by crafting something that might be useful in stopping the Vespiforms.
In addition, there is The Pandorica, (which is just like the Brig or Detention; for projects started before the target month).

And the OWL/Away Mission equivalent (2-3 month project) is referred to as the Time Vortex Challenge.

Despite the fact that we're almost halfway done with April, I've only managed to turn in two quests:

The New Companion Quest Submission:

As a Companion to the Doctor, it is important to be able to communicate with the Doctor even while not being able to talk. Perhaps it would be in a situation where it would be rude to interrupt, or perhaps (although Gallifrey forbid!) I had been captured.
Therefore, I have designed this reversible scarf in order to let the Doctor know whether I am in danger or not. When all is well, I shall display the black side of the scarf. But if I am in need of assistance, I will reverse the scarf so that the red blocks show.
And all that in addition to the scarf’s innate ability to keep my neck warm in all manner of weather!
(It's actually another commission requested by Rick/Marius from Shadowmoor for Amanda/Merina.)

Plus The Doctor Says Quest Submission:


“Hmm? What, Doctor?”
”…is that all you’re bringing?”
I glance at the small red and black bag in my hand. “Yes. Why?”
The Doctor eyes me up and down for a long moment. “It’s just…there have been many companions over the years and I don’t think any of them packed as light as you did.”
With a small, sideways grin, I open the bag and a golden wash of light falls over the side of the TARDIS. “It’s bigger on the inside.”
A smile pulls at one corner of the Doctor’s mouth. “Fantastic.”
Next time I'll show pictures of the completed Spring in Illinois collection!

Craft on!

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