Monday, April 6, 2015

End of March at Hogwarts

Whew!  I just blew in from spring break and boy did I miss the end of March or what??

Here's the quick recap:

Challenges I participated in and their badges:

AfterSchoolActivities  (Posted in the Hufftainment Centre thread about musicals.)

The Three Broomsticks/ForRosmerta (the yarn I dyed):

I believe the only class I didn't submit homework for was Ancient Runes.

And now the HPKCHC is on break for the month of April!  My goals during this time:

- Plan an OWL of some kind, to be started May 1st.
- Settle in to the Time Lord Travels challenge.
- Catch up on commissions!

I think all of this is totally doable.  Stay tuned for updates!

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