Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Cunning Commission

Made for a friend, this Jayne Cobb-inspired hat is courtesy of Crafting Adventures.  It's a protest against the recent kerfoffle that happened on Etsy regarding selling similar hats and/or patterns.

Please note: I am not publishing this pattern, selling it, etc. and all that legal stuff.  This was made for a friend; I am not making more and listing them in my Etsy store or on Ebay.

Of course, after I finished making my first official pompom (okay, there was that one time in college, but we don't talk about that!), I had just a smidgen of yellow left over.

True story: this yellow yarn started out as a Caron One Pound skein.

It went into the making of this ever-so-loveable Minion and his precious banana:

(Yes, he's about 2 feet tall.)

And the yellow Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger slippers:

And the yellow slippers for sale on Etsy:

My shop here.

And my first attempt at broomstick lace:

As well as other various projects that are lying around in unfinished bits and pieces.

It really was the skein that kept on giving!

But all good things must come to an end, and today I bade farewell to the yellow skein of awesomeness by making these cluster flowers (pattern courtesy of My Hobby is Crochet):

I think I might string these on some scrap yarn as a garland, or save them to embellish a tote bag or somesuch.

Ah, it was nice to know you, Sunflower Skein!  Adieu!

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