Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Been An Exciting Past Year...

But I feel that I should lay it out in a somewhat-chronological order, for my sake.  One day I'm going to look back on all this and either say:

1)  You were crazy!
2)  That's so cool!
3)  What were you thinking?

Or possibly a combination of all three of those things.

So, rewind with me a bit to June 2013.  I was expecting my friend April back from her school year of teaching in Dalian, China.

I knew I had to make her birthday and Christmas presents special.  I also knew that handmade goodies are the best goodies.

So I began this project:

With my beginner-to-intermediate crochet skills, the plushie soon took shape:

And thus VintageBeef became the first Minecraft: Mindcrack plushie in the series that is gaining me some crochet business today.

For those who don't know, Mindcrack is the largest publicly-known Minecraft server, populated entirely by YouTube personalities.  It was started by GuudeBoulderfist, and he invited the current members.  (It is private and white-listed.)

View Beef's YouTube channel here.

So, did I get the plushie finished in time?  Was he the only one?  Stay tuned!

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