Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Tweet That Started This Year's Blogging

It took place on May 1st.  I had finished another Beef (Beef IV, for those keeping track at home) and wanted to do a quick photo before Deevius came over to play LotRO.

I knew I was very close to finishing Beef V, but I figured a shot of a couple of Beefs hanging out on a Thursday night with some PS3 controllers was just all-around fun.

So the Panda helped me set it up, snapped a quick picture.  I put it up on Twitter and went about making dinner.

Nothing exceptional, and the lighting could've been better.

Deevius arrived along with Josh/Kuri, and we went about our normal game night routine.

Until my tablet became possessed.

A side note: sometimes my tablet is choosy about what it decides to alert me about.  But even it couldn't ignore all of the emails suddenly generated by this:

Thus, thanks to the fabulous exposure by Mr. VintageBeef himself, my Tweet is still being favorited today:

It was at this point that I decided that I needed a place to centralize all of my social media, photographs, and general shenanigans.

Which is why I'm here with you!

Tomorrow, I'll show you what I affectionately call "The Beefy Trio," which will effectively bring us up-to-date on the latest craziness!

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