Saturday, May 10, 2014

Portal to the Past: Early Nerd Crochet

So today I'm actually baby-sitting the BTC Fan Server UHC match.  (No, I do not have the slightest idea what I'm doing.)

In Skype, they asked which admins would be available to help out, and since I sit at home on Saturdays and crochet like a mad fiend, that's not too much of a stretch, and I really don't mind.

However, there's no set hours for the amount of time the match could take, thus I thought it best to just do a flashback of some of the early nerdy crochet projects that got me started.

First up is the blue Cthulu:

No, I do not read H.P. Lovecraft.  It would give me nightmares.

Then I learned a hat pattern and decided to adapt it to a couple Marvel characters:

Captain America                                  Iron Man

By this time I was gaining momentum with inventing nerdy adaptations and alterations of current patterns and I went right for a commission for a friend:

Would you believe he is double the size
the original pattern called for?

I'll get into how I started on Minecraft stuff tomorrow...if I manage to survive the UHC today.

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