Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Catch-Up

Wow, well there goes my goal to blog every day in May (but at least I made it further than my May goal from last year...).

So much happening this week!  Tuesday I was called in for jury duty (in traffic court, which is also considered a 'magistrate court')--all located in an old brick strip mall along with with a tailor alteration shop as well as a renal care facility.  (o.O)

My poor panda husband was trying to give me directions as I'm madly circling the parking lot looking for the appropriate entrance, and then my cell phone (which has been steadily holding less and less charge) decides it has been possessed by the beep demon, so I had to hang up on him.

Anyway...there is a trip to a Verizon store in my very near it too much to hope that they still offer my model of phone as a free upgrade?  My hard plastic case has protected my little Samsung Gusto for the past few years and I don't even think I ever took the protective plastic off of the'd be a shame to lose it so soon!

Then the great and craftsy Deevius came by so that we could work on re-shaping the Halloween mask she bought into something more Silence-y (from Doctor Who).  (Note:  While I sometimes have great crafty plans, they often fall flat and do not achieve their true potential due to my own derpiness.)

Several hours of gluing, caulking, and painting later...well.  She's going to take it to a friend in the art department where she works and ask for shading help.  (Mostly to see if what we've done can be salvaged.)

In between all of that, I've been doing an emergency rush order of a 'cactuar' plushie (no, I do not play Final Fantasy) for a friend; he had an acquaintance fall from a ladder and fracture his clavicle, which required emergency surgery and a stay in the hospital.  Pics to come when it's completed!

I'm also in the process of designing business cards to hand out on Saturday.

Why, you ask?

Well...I'm attending my first con!  (It might be a small con, but a girl has to get started somewhere!)

The SC Comicon is being hosted by Borderlands (a local comic book/game/nerd store) and when I participated in the blood drive they held on Free Comic Book Day (May 3rd), I got a free one-day pass to the con!

Thus, the great and fabulous Deevius and I shall be attending, (possibly along with Mike the Coworker's fiancee Midori) and doing a group costume.

She's going as a Silence from Doctor Who.

I'm a cheapskate and I'm going as a Silence victim.  (What could be easier than wearing normal clothing and drawing tally marks all over my hands and face?)

I also plan to tote one of my Minecraft plushies around with me (and I will be wearing my Broken Buttons shirt), and handing out business cards to those that ask where I got him from.

I have a choice of taking Etho (who belongs to me) or VintageBeef (who's part of a triple order and the other 2 plushies are not yet finished).  Etho has 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and Beef has 900k.  Beef is by far my most popular sale item, but I'd want to contact the buyer and ask if it was okay to take him to the con (in the case of severe handling).

Decisions, decisions!

But before all of that happens, I'm running another session for my D&D players on Friday night!  I'm so excited because I'll get to share this with them:

It's our entire party!
From left:  Xerxes, Saffron, Darius, Malaris, Kuri, and Ana.

A special thanks to Nbiester on Deviantart for taking my commission request and showing it who's boss.

We'll get back to crochet shenanigans another time...maybe tomorrow...maybe later!

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