Friday, May 16, 2014

Broken Buttons Blackbeard Blurb

(Insert appropriate phrase about saying that X amount of times fast.)

So my endeavors to equip plushie Etho with a redstone torch to carry to the SC Comicon are for the moment, foiled.  I worked extensively on his torch last night...after receiving some Skype messages in the Broken Buttons - Lore Writer chat.

As I may have previously mentioned, I wrote some blurbs for different bits of the website and a few maps.

The Broken Buttons has now officially rolled out the new Blackbeard PvP map, available on BTC's fan server only.  It is currently builder- and member-play only while it's in beta after writing new plugins, but I'm hoping that BTC is going to ask some of the Mindcrackers to come on and horse around with it in order to do some official promo recording, and to raise awareness of the game's existence.

All that leads me back to the Skype messages last night, requesting a how-to-play script for a short video BTC was putting together.  My poor other lore writers responded quickly, but they are both in university and have mega projects and tests going on (both are from Europe, so they say 'university' instead of 'college').

Since I don't get home from work until mid-afternoon, I was the latecomer to the conversation, but I asked some questions, narrowed down the scope of BTC's request (and managed to do all of it without fangirling excessively).

Let's make one thing clear:
I am not strictly a BTC fangirl.
I am a Mindcrack fangirl.
I fangirl all Mindcrackers equally.
(Except Aureylian.  She's new.)

I think I may have told BTC in a different Skype chat that I was going to go fangirl over his latest video.  Wisely, he did not have a comeback for that.  Perhaps I should have clarified that I was going to fangirl over the fact that my pixel art design is now on the Mindcrack Server.

My Minecraft username might not go down in infamy, cool is that anyway?!

But I digress.

(Oh, here's the pixel art:)

(Now I really am getting back to the main point.)

So, script!  BTC needed a script for a video.  I referred back to my MineCon Map script from last year, and went to work.  It ended up looking something like this:


Begin at spawn, where new players will automatically appear when they join the server for the first time.

BTC: Hey guys, I’m BTC and this is a quick introduction to the Broken Buttons’
newest minigame map, Blackbeard.

Blackbeard is a multi-player PvP map where the Royal Navy and the
Pirate Crew are battling to collect enough gold for their team to win.  

The address for the server is MC.BLAMETC.NET, and the server is
running Minecraft 1.7.5.

Text for the server address should appear on the screen.  (Recommend a nautical/pirate-style such as lowercase Blackadder ITC.)

BTC: To find Blackbeard once you join the server, follow the signs
from spawn and jump through the portal, which teleports you to the
Blackbeard lobby.

Footage switches to the lobby area of Blackbeard, or jump into the portal.


BTC: A full game hosts 20 players, and team selection is random.  Every time
an instance fills up, a new one begins, so there’s no waiting for a match to

Consider doing a wide-angle, panning shot of the lobby.


Perhaps open with a few select fly-over clips to show the general terrain and the three main landmarks.

BTC: Winning the game sounds easy; the team that collects ten gold ingots first
is victorious!

(It's all very script-y and straightforward, etc., etc.)  So we'll see how that goes; there haven't been any changes to the script so far (I've left it open for the other lore writers and BTC to make changes or leave suggestions) and there weren't any messages left on Skype this morning saying good/bad yea/nay.

There was a link to the forums of a new person requesting a lore writer application.  Thaliest was awesome enough to point her in the right direction, and I posted the old lore writer app for her to refer to.

Hmmm...not much else happening.  D&D session tonight.  Need to plan that.

(Don't tell my players that the GM is still unsure what evil things she's going to do to them tonight.)

Until tomorrow, or even Sunday (depending on the con?) adieu!

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