Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Time on 'Who Wants to Join the Broken Buttons"...

Recap:  I totally was dared to apply.  Just because Whitherunn accepted me doesn't make it my fault!

Ahem.  What?  Oh, right.

I joined the Broken Buttons team.  I had to remove my last name on Skype, I got a new Twitter account, and I installed TeamSpeak.

(No, I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing!)

I decided to get to know my "employer".  My viewing of his Youtube channel had started in a previous UHC (Ultra Hardcore--a tournament event in Minecraft invented by the Mindcrack server) because he had a really terrific interface with extra sound effects and graphics that I found helpful and entertaining to watch.

I've watched a few of the other Mindcrackers' personal vlogs and other videos, and I've always been particularly fascinated by fanmail.  I've watched Guude, GenerikB, and Pause get amazing handmade art projects, drawings, crafts, and other souvenirs from fans all over the world.  (I mean, somebody sent GennyB a didgeridoo from Australia!)

And then it started again.  The tiny voice wouldn't leave me alone!

You have a unique art style.
You should send BTC something
for him to open on camera and
make all other fanmail go cry.

Well, we all saw how well I resisted listening to my crazy side last time.  So I got my crochet hook and got to work.

Sixteen days later, I mailed a box off to a little P.O. address up in Whitinsville, MA.  And then I waited.  (Do you ever get so uncomfortable in your own skin that you want to just crawl out of it?)

And then!  A vlog!

(Jump to 5:18 for the Horrible Purple Box from Aldi.)

Phew!  At least I knew the large box had gotten all the way up north safely.  And then I waited some more.

Come Monday, I discovered for the first time ever that YouTube has inboxes.  (I'd never needed to use mine before!)  Here was the note:

You may have already guessed:
Fangirl Fiesta!

But that was just the rehearsal, because he did indeed put out a fanmail video just for his plushie:

At this point, I was pretty much in a useless fangirling stupor.  I'd heard from BTC over TeamSpeak once or twice as a junior lore writer (the newbie) in more of a listening capacity.  There had been general chatting among all the builders about who was going to be attending MineCon 2013 in Orlando, FL.

I had even gotten the senior lore writer (one Mr. Whitherunn as mentioned in the video) to agree to take my PauseUnpause plushie to MineCon and get his little homemade cape signed by all the Mindcrackers.  (I mean, apparently I was going to be working on a map for all of them, right? Seemed fair.)

Needless to say, BTC (as evidenced by his reaction in the video) liked his plushie a lot.  He even talked about it this year at PAX East 2014 during the Mindcrack panel!  (Mike the coworker had watched it and tipped me off.)

And it remains true to this day: BlameTC is the only Mindcracker to possess a plushie of his Minecraft skin.

But he is cute as a plushie!
(Then again, plushies are just adorbs anyway.)

There wasn't much in this post about the MineCon Map of 2013...look for the details of how it all happened tomorrow!

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