Saturday, May 3, 2014

Let's Pause For A Moment

And consider how I got to making plushies in the first place.  In actuality, VintageBeef was not the first attempt I'd done at Minecraft plushies.  The chest piece on the right belongs to the first attempt.

Any idea who it belongs to?  (If the horrible title of the post didn't give it away.)

VintageBeef's best friend on the Mindcrack server is PauseUnpause.  

(The two of them frequently play through maps together, and are sometimes joined by a third guy.  When they play all together, the three of them are known as Team Canada.  More on that in a future post.)

So if I was going to do this plushie thing properly for my best friend, I figured there needed to be one plushie for her, and one for me.  I think I waited maybe one entire day after finishing Beef to start Pause.

April was arriving in late July.  (I finished Beef on July 6th.)

Let the crocheting commence!

After many long evenings after work, some frantic housework so that April would actually have a bed to sleep in while she was with me, and some stress, I was finally able to set up the surprise in the guest room:

Was I proud?  Oh yes.

I had achieved something I thought would be impossible!  My husband was secretly in awe of my magical crochet abilities!  It was fabulous!  And then...started the tiny, infinitesimal thought process...

What if I sent this as a tweet
to the REAL VintageBeef?

Because in my mind, there was nobody but me, the Panda, and April to appreciate my crafting genius.  Oh, and Mike at work.  (This whole Mindcrack thing is his fault.)  And I had completed a mighty craft!

But no.  I settled for pinning it to my Minecraft Pinterest board and called it good.  For about two minutes.

So what if he never sees it?
Maybe his followers will like it.

Oh boy.  So I used my personal Twitter account to send the following to both Beef AND Pause:

Four favorites?  Pretty good.  Not exactly a viral reception.  (Because everybody knows about Mindcrack, right?  ...guys?)

And then I got an e-mail (since I don't own a smart phone or similar device).  What was inside?

It's here that I began what I now call "Fangirl Fiestas".

They take place in my head when I'm in no public position to dance like an idiot out of sheer happiness.

That was my first and only 'famous' tweet from that account.  But that's another story which segues directly into joining BlameTheController's (BlameTC or BTC for short) Build Team.

What's that all about?  Find out in a future post!

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