Friday, May 9, 2014

Recapping January 2014

I think it was around this time that there was a meeting with the other Broken Buttons admins and leaders to discuss the future schedule and small group projects.  I don't recall particularly contributing much to this conversation, as I was a junior lore writer who was just helping out by keeping an eye on the forums for new lore applications.

I said before that I had turned down a few hopefuls.  But then, I also found a guy whose application was really good; I think he said that he participated in D&D tabletop games.  He had a quest-maker's mind, demonstrated in the logic of his application.

So I accepted him, bringing the total lore writers up to four.  Whitherunn also added another guy and suddenly we were a whole team of five! four separate time zones.

Bullethail was on Berlin time, StrikerShane: London.  ChromeMist and I shared Eastern Standard, and Whither was Pacific Standard.  o.O

Coordinating meetings proved to be...tricky.

And then when I least expected it, I was notified that I was now the 'Squad Leader' for the Lore Writers.

I was shocked.  And then, I freaked out.  Someone had put me in this position without even asking Whitherunn!  He was going to kill me.

So I hopped on Skype, and I apologized.  Profusely.

I explained that I hadn't asked to be put in leadership; I didn't want this position since it had been his...etcetera.

Whither came back and told me that he had recommended me for team leader.

If I had a mortified emoticon, it would go here.

That's the quick, simple version.  The longer version includes the new schedules, documents, Google Drive folders filled with homework assignments, spreadsheets, and other resources.  We lost a lore writer (Chrome) due to her school schedule and college hunting.  Yet we picked up and moved on--we now meet once every other week with small assignments to complete in between gatherings.

Right now we're completely focused on KotS 3, and I'm looking forward to trying a new approach to lore writing development: video development diaries!  (Obviously private for the Build Team only.)

I'll have to update you on that in the future, though--I smell free pizza!

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