Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Commissions Everywhere!

When I listed the second VintageBeef plushie on Etsy, I received an inquiry from somebody else about a VintageBeef plushie.  Over the next few weeks to a couple months I just started to accrue a list of people willing to wait until September for their plushies!

VintageBeef III made an appearance on the Mindcrack subreddit:

Unfortunately, after a month his buyer hadn't contacted me.
Thankfully, there's a waiting list, and the next person was more
than happy to give Beef III his forever home.

During this time, I had also been hard at work on my first-ever Zisteau plushie.  He ended up being a whole lot more work (because of all the color-changes) and I had been sick, which didn't help me keep on track.

Thankfully, his buyer was so understanding, and was thrilled with the result:

Mindcrack Plushie Series #5

Of course, I also did some gimmick photos.  The one that made a Reddit appearance was:

This one to date has received the lowest karma.
I think it was the time of day I posted it.

However, I did also tweet the photo to the buyer, and I included Zisteau at the same time.  She and I had mutual fangirl fiestas when this happened:

A couple days after that, I also tweeted this picture, but did not tag Zisteau.

 Yup, I had a bed full of Mindcrackers.  I also did another photo op with them, but I'm saving the pictures for a future release, when there's downtime between plushies and I want to keep the followers on Facebook and Twitter entertained.  ^_^

I think my favorite part of the Zisteau commission (other than the awesome sorry-for-making-the-buyer-wait lava bucket!) was that Midnight_Sentry fully intends to go to a MineCon and have Zisteau sign the plushie (I suggested to her the cape idea I used).  She's promised to tweet me photos!

Mutual fangirlishness rocks!

Next time we'll have to talk about my (to date) most infamous Tweet!

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