Friday, May 23, 2014

Cactuar Amigurumi!

Not a super-long post today, but I did finish this month's first crochet project!

It was an emergency request for a friend, who had an acquaintance that fell and broke his clavicle.  The poor guy had to have emergency surgery, and my friend wanted me to make up a squishy plushie as a get-well present.

Eric, the acquaintance, is now home and doing better.

Per the request, I did not put any features on the cactuar (and I am not familiar enough with Final Fantasy to know any better).

Pardon the picture; it was a camera phone!

Pattern here.
(Must be a member; it's a free sign-up!)

I've got to get some serious work in this weekend; maybe we'll get to see the next plushie commission soon! know, from Minecraft?

Oh, I didn't finish that story!


Next time?

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