Thursday, May 8, 2014

Minecraft Crochet Segue

(Because I was mean last time and showed Etho with no context given.)

Who is Etho?  Etho is the third member of the Mindcrack server group known as Team Canada.

Although I do not subscribe to his videos, I have on occasion enjoyed his exploits with PauseUnpause and VintageBeef.  He has close to 1.5 million subscribers, and has one of the largest audiences on the Mindcrack server.

Here's the finished plushie:

This is the classic posed-against-the-doorframe photo I use for all new plushies.

I made Etho and then had no close third friend to give him to, so he remains steadfastly beside my PauseUnpause and has posed with him for quite a few photos, some of which have never been published to any of my social profiles.

Fun Fact:
I had originally planned to do
a webcomic using photos of
my plushies and their many
adventures.  I only got through
one strip before other things
grabbed my creative attention.

Here was the first and only panel of the comic:  

The premise was that the MineCon cape I had tied to the Pause Plushie would bring any of the plushies that wore it to life.  And they'd have adventures all over my house, up to and including holding my husband (the Panda) hostage so that I would crochet Etho and Pause a new Beef for them to play with.

Anyway, that never happened.  But here's the picture proof that plushie Pause went to MineCon:

Signatures include: BdoubleO, GenerikB, BlameTheController,
SethBling, VintageBeef, KurtJMac, DocM77, MCGamer, Pyro
Guude, WBaj92, Zisteau, and JustVan (Bonus!) 

But as it happened, I started working on other projects, some of which were my very first commissions, and first inventions.  I've only ever published one crochet pattern to date, and that was only here on this blog.  That will probably change in the future, as I choose to divulge the new techniques I've learned/invented/muddled through to the masses.

Other Minecraft creations:

(Also known as 'why you can't make those big plushies smaller'.)

Patches done after the style of the Minecraft creeper, pig, and sheep.

A little cake keychain.

All three of the above are for sale in my Etsy store!

Well, that was a short post, but with more pictures!  Tomorrow I'll share about how I got started on taking commissions...


Head of the lore writers?

Oh, right.  Hmm...maybe time for both?  We'll see!


  1. Where can I find the patterns I'd love to make one

    1. For the cake, the pattern I used no longer exists. Try this one: