Friday, March 6, 2015

Expecto Patronum!

There were several different locations to visit and challenges to tackle during Hogsmeade Weekend.  As I mentioned yesterday, my friend Piglottie (who had graciously volunteered her time at the Hogsmeade Owl Post Office) had summoned me to see the challenges in one of the Slytherin locations.

The challenge was to take a Patronus test and craft your patronus.  (Yes, this is Harry Potter lore.)

I chose to ignore the test results, as the pattern I needed to test was for a different animal.  I bought the pattern on Etsy several months ago and had never had the chance to try it out.

Finished project:

This is the precursor to the "Wolfie" I will be making
for an art trade with Axl_Rosie, a popular Mindcrack artist.

Still, I felt something was missing...and I had a small bit of red yarn left from some other project, so:

Now he reminds me of Hobbes on a winter excursion with Calvin.

This is Deevius's Facebook Art Trade this year!  I'm so happy he turned out all right!

Despite a few kerfoffles with my understanding the pattern, I love this designer quite a bit.  My favorite feature of this plushie was that instead of having to sew each individual limb on, you crocheted through the tops of the limbs (pinching them together flat) as you made the body parts.

That removes so much guesswork for me!  I am terrible at sewing things on symmetrically.

Oh, and of course the badge I earned was:

That pretty much wraps up my Hogsmeade weekend activities and badges!

Oh!  With the exception of solving Arthur Weasley's treasure hunt:

Phew!  Keeping up with all these projects is getting crazy!

Now, I wasn't able to find a place to submit this for the House Cup challenge, but as it turns out, the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps had the perfect prompt:

Medical Mission:  Craft something comforting.

It worked out well, and I received full credit!  I was able to complete all of my Starfleet missions in February, but March is gonna be even nuttier!

If I don't see you, have a great weekend and craft on!

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