Saturday, March 7, 2015

Exterminate Classically

True story:  I did not know that there were significant differences between the classic Doctor Who daleks and today's modern daleks.

What is a dalek?

They're an alien enemy from the popular BBC series Doctor Who.  The doctors themselves are numbered from One to Twelve, based on which actors played them.

Fun fact:  I am partial to Nine (Christopher Eccleston) and Ten (David Tennant).

I think I would possibly like Twelve (Peter Capaldi), mostly for the fact that he is a diehard fanboy living the dream.  (He used to be the president of the Doctor Who fanclub.)

I've made other dalek plushies before, but they were the modern colored ones.  This time, I was going to make a classic dalek for DSCA, as her Facebook Art Trade this year.

Also, I had a Starfleet mission:

Science Mission:  Use a new technique or a variation on something you've done before.

This was the perfect opportunity!  My post in the Academy:

Though it is late, Cadet VelvetKey just had one or two more diagnostics to run in Engineering on the warp manifolds and the antimatter chamber mix. Figuring she’d stay up, she’d have an opportunity to work on her Science mission. In between watching her readouts and displays, she consulted a multi-screen schematic and began to craft quickly.

Commodore, this is my third time studying this particular schematic. However, there is a subtle nuance in the schematic that I had never tried before: the ‘classic’ subtext, which omits a few of the rows and has different color changes. I wished to try this slight variation, and even cross-referenced the schematic with some images on the Holodeck to be absolutely certain.

Additionally, I was dissatisfied with the way some of the knobular decorations appeared, so out of curiosity I began to experiment with different methods of color change, stitching, and tension. I believe I found a satisfactory compromise and am pleased with the results of my experimentation.

Thank you, Commodore! I hope I have not kept you up too late.

And the final mission picture:

The Panda says he needs a little top hat.
I think a mustache and monocle would need to be part of the ensemble.

Continue to enjoy your weekend!  Craft on!

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