Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starfleet Report: End of February 2015

Cadet VelvetKey reporting in!

It was a whirlwind month at Starfleet Academy (in the Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps; SFAC), and there were six basic missions assigned to everyone.

In addition, I proposed doing an Away Mission (a larger project due by April 30th), and I completed a Brig request.

The six missions were:

Tactical  (The Zimmermann's mission of choice!)

Cadet VelvetKey neatens her regulation hair style before striding into the mission room and saluting the commodore.
Good morning, ma’am! I’m bringing in another mission assignment.
I’ve been reading the weather reports from the North American continent, and I know that an officer’s reaction time must be quick! I made up a hat in just over an hour.
It is for a wee one; I believe my friend in Illinois might have use of it; her daughter was born prematurely and they have had many expenses; heating of course being one in this dreadful weather.
Thank you for your time, Commodore!


A still-sleepy-looking cadet enters the mission room, an old-fashioned blueprint under one arm, and a hat in her hands.
Good morning, instructors. I’ve made it through #5 on my task list for the month, which was my Engineering project; modifying a pattern. In this case, I started with one pattern, and then added some detail stitches from another pattern, to create a matched look.
While I was undergoing the entrance exam for the Academy, I received a message from a friend of mine; she’s a Hottentot alien, normally residing on the high-gravity, high-temperature world of Beruin V. As a result, her physique is much shorter than a human’s, and since she has come on diplomatic assignment to Earth, she has been much too cold. She discovered from a mutual friend that I had improvised a hat and poncho set, and requested one just like it.
Unfortunately, I did not make any notes the first time I made the entire collection (which initially included more hats), so I am improvising from what I remember, plus the unique detail of the poncho.
I also hope to make a swatch for the poncho, since I will have to modify the size in order to fit her, and turn it in for the Command prompt.
Thank you again, instructors!


After a long day full of rearranging her stash and frantically compiling resources for her upcoming away mission, Cadet VelvetKey returns to the mission room.
Instructors, earlier today I spoke of my diplomatic acquaintance, and her need for a small, warm outfit during her prolonged stay planetside. Today I received a communique from her, asking me about some of the local Earth flora in her area. You see, on Beruin V, her home planet, it is far too warm for plants of that nature to grow. In fact, the most they have are a few types of heat-resistant fungi, and apparently they’re not very remarkable. My acquaintance recently visited the historical Elizabethan Gardens on a weekend of exploring, and was quite taken by the out-of-season greenhouse displays.
Although my current studies do not yet include much botany, I was intrigued by her fascination, and have decided to embellish the hat and poncho I am making with the brightest variety of rose: red and pink. I believe the warm colors will work well with her darker complexion, and she will be pleasantly surprised. Also, I would like her to look her best at any upcoming diplomatic summits she may attend, and I believe that by adopting some terran fashion styles, her negotiations may go better.
Thank you for your consideration, instructors.


With a well-loved stuffed rabbit under one arm, and a cup of hot chocolate in the opposite hand, Cadet VelvetKey sneaks into the mission room and drops off her Command mission report.
The mission description reads as follows:
I have received measurements from my Hottentot alien acquaintance, thus I have made a swatch of the poncho she has requested, and gathered the supplies (yarn, pattern, and hook). The tentative start date for this project is February 20th, with intent to finish the poncho by the end of the month. Currently, it does not apply toward any other missions.
Thank you for your consideration!
Cadet VelvetKey
She shuffles quickly back to her quarters, spends a luxurious few seconds bouncing on her bunk, and then snuggles under her covers and switches off her lights.


Although still waiting to see if her Command mission will be approved, Cadet VevetKey has not been idle this weekend! Despite the liberty to go about the city (and the bad weather to go with it), she was determined to find a way to complete another mission. Her thoughts strayed back to the much-loved bunny she had carted down to the mission room late last night, and it inspired her.
Instructors, I know that it is very difficult for a child to lose a parent. In Starfleet, although some ships allow children aboard, there is always the chance that a parent could be injured or killed on a mission. And while ship’s couselors and other doctors do their best to help, sometimes a child only wishes to talk to a friend that will listen unconditionally. May I present Wolfie, a stuffed friend with an attentive expression, who can be hugged, cried upon, and will always be there when a child wishes to confide in him. Sometimes the best comfort is in offering a child a medium that will allow them to express themselves without fear.
Thank you for your time, Instructors.

Science  (Previously posted here.)

And that concludes my first month at Starfleet Academy!  The new month is already in full swing, and now I have a clear conscience about beginning to post those projects.

Until later this week, craft on!

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