Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shadowmoor Props: Necklaces

Now that the majority of my friends are on the plot team (that is, they are now the storytellers for the game) of Shadowmoor LARP, I've been getting more prop requests.

(I couldn't find a place in my crochet challenges to turn in a dismembered teddy bear head.)

The head of plot (Roger) requested help making a set of six necklaces, which fit in perfectly to the History of Magic prompt about beaded jewelry.

Some of the craft prompts are considered "non-Rav" meaning that they don't have to be knitted, crocheted, dyed, spun, or woven.  Some people make stitch markers; others have tried temari balls.

So I submitted:

Quietly, as if hoping to escape notice, VelvetKey slips into the classroom, a velvet case in her hands. She places it carefully before the professors and flushes a little before opening the lid.
Many spirit guides wore long and heavy necklaces as part of their manner of dress, sometimes with enough beads to rattle theatrically for the benefit of their Muggle audiences. Other mediums, however, preferred the use of crystals, either in prism or globe form, such as the crystal balls used in Divination today. I have crafted a set of five necklaces featuring both a mysterious and enchanting purple crystal, as well as a more formal, yet deadly-looking prism beneath. Both exhibit qualities of the dream and spirit world, and I hope you are as pleased with how they turned out as I am.
These are very long necklaces on purpose; I wanted people to be able to lift them on and off without needing to use the clasps.  Clasps tend to break over time (if they didn't come in the package broken) and generally speaking, props in a theater-like game change hands to multiple characters.  Therefore, you can't size them for any one person, and they need to be durable.

The badge I (will hopefully) have earned:

Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm sure I'll be dragging myself around thanks to the Shadowmoor weekend.  Goodness knows what I will actually have accomplished, but I'll be back to share whatever it is!

(I also have one more post of Hogwarts homework that should catch us up!)

Craft on!

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