Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Cozy

To finish up my time in The Three Broomsticks, the last craft was the "Libations Day" craft.  While I thought about doing a coaster or other drink-related pattern, I was quite fascinated with the heart on the slippers I'd made for "Love Day".

I think if I work with my technique a little more, then graph crochet might not be so far out of my reach as I thought.

Anyway, I threw together a can/bottle cozy, using the heart graph from the slippers:

Front and back; someday I'll actually make a cozy wide enough.

This craft didn't get turned in for a class (I was pretty much done with class assignments at this point), but I earned two badges nonetheless:

Let's be honest; I was really after this one.

This almost concludes the crafts from Hogsmeade Weekend...but a fellow NQFY Piglottie summoned me to the Magical Menagerie thread, where there were plushie challenges.

I knew I couldn't possibly do them all...but I did have the perfect opportunity (and pattern!) to do one.

Stay tuned, and craft on!

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