Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quidditch Cup XX - Match 3

Happy Sunday to you!  I'm actually going to attend a church this morning!  (I find there's less pressure when you're going to an out-of-state church with friends.)

Just a quick, fun photo today:

Yes, it's VintageBeef and PauseUnpause riding a broom.

I participated in the Quidditch Cup XX!   For Match 3, all you had to do was submit a photo of you (or a stand-in) riding a broom (or other floor cleaning device; plenty of people now have newfangled electric brooms, or Swiffers).

I did put out a tweet, just because I was in a whimsical mood.  This photo features the most recent VintageBeef plushie, too, who is now on his way to his forever home in Nevada.

Here he is posed with "Tangerine" (you've met him as "Wolfie"):

Just adorable!  I might change my Facebook page picture.

I'll be back home in South Carolina tonight, concluding my whirlwind galpal trip to see DSCA and Deevius!  Possibly more crafting shenanigans to follow (including art trade lootz!).

Cheers and craft on!

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