Thursday, March 19, 2015

Citrus Waves

From yesterday's post, you may have noticed that I've decided to double-up on my assignments.

Before I left for LARP, I had started a hat, and I finished it and turned it in for credit a couple days ago.

The finished product:

I turned it in as the Starfleet Medical Mission:

Good evening instructors; I hope I have not kept you up too late this fine evening. I am sorry to have brought you here so late, but I have made a troubling discovery in my medical analysis of one Mr. Harcourt Fenton Mudd. Having obtained the required DNA sample, I thought it might be best to reduce my testing to the most basic of protein analyses and turn out an easy-to-read bi-colored report, such as the one I did last year:
This sample, done in a closed laboratory setting, clearly indicates no abnormal or synthetic proteins. However, the analysis I constructed from Mr. Mudd’s current sample
This sample is quite clearly of some significant difference! I am frankly alarmed at the color disparity and no other analysis I’ve tried can account for this level of cell staining. I’m thus forced to conclude from my limited medical knowledge that there might be some sort of inexplicable alien influence at work, and more study is definitely called for.
Thank you instructors for your time and attention to this alarming matter.

And then also for my Arithmancy homework:

Good evening professors! This simple yet captivating hat design contains a repeat in two sets of three, in order to give the rounds of the hat their varying thicknesses. I even did an extended pattern in order to make the hat long enough for the largest of heads (including mine!). This six-round repeat was completed three times to make the final product.
Thank you for your time!

For which I earned the badge:

Not too shabby.  Tomorrow I'll be able to post something from yesterday's list, too!  Let's keep the progress train moving.  :)

Craft on!

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