Monday, March 23, 2015

Charmed Hat

Hello, and I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I did a fair bit of crafting myself, and I'm delighted to report that I have submitted all of my Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps missions for the month of March!

I have one more class I could submit to in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, but I desperately want the project I do to be awesome (because the prompt is for something Elvish, specifically for Tolkien's elves) and I can't afford to mess something that important up!

I already have the maximum amount of score-able classes done (six) so it would be icing on the cake anyway.  (Mind you, as an NQFY I don't actually earn points, and all the points are imaginary internet points in the first place.)

Enough of that.

The Charms prompt for this month was to copy another student's project from this term and turn it in.  (Did I mention that someone did my wand and tagged me?  Most awesome thing ever!)

I went back to one of the first friends I'd made in the HPKCHC, Pat (costumer47) from last month's Arithmancy homework.

She had made a couple delightful hats that I loved:

And as luck would have it, I had bookmarked the original pattern long ago. I think I might have even attempted it, but at the time I didn't understand the pattern.

Well, after many months of learning, I found that this time I knew what I was doing!  It's a great, simple pattern that I could sit down and do while watching Pitch Perfect and a few episodes of Scrubs.

I had the perfect, already soft yarn from Hobby Lobby:

(I just figured out the reason the spirals are backwards
is because I took this picture using a mirror.  Derp.)

My homework turn in:

Professors, I was looking for something to make for this homework prompt that would challenge me a little bit, yet be beautiful. I found the answer in Hufflepuff House: costumer47’s DADA homework from last month!
In my use of this new charm, I did experience some slight color and size change. I chalk this up to my extremely amateurish use of my wand and hope that in future classes I will improve with practice!
Thank you very much!

The badge I earned was:

Plus, the grading professor was handing out Nathan Fillion pictures, and I requested a Captain Reynolds of my very own:


And for the SFAC Science Mission:

Good evening instructors, I have analyzed Mr. Mudd’s potion and have found whatever this substance is to have a fibrous structure, as evidenced by the cabling winding upwards. What I can’t quite understand is the swirling pattern; I highly suspect that this means that this “fountain of youth” formula is at its basest level unstable, and that it will ultimately prove to have only temporary effects, much like the compound he used to make “Mudd’s women” appear to be young and beautiful.
I think we’ll find that Mr. Mudd isn’t quite telling us the truth, and should be watched carefully from here on out.
The original Divine Hat pattern is free on Ravelry here.

Happy Monday, and craft on!

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