Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Rise of Rainbow Dash

Over this past weekend, I was able to drive up to Lynchburg (Virginia) and visit DSCA.  Deevius drove down from Michigan.

And I had this grand plan.

DSCA loves My Little Pony.  I picked it up late last year when it hit Netflix, and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would.

My reasoning is simple: I have a small anxiety disorder.  Nothing in the MLP show is real and can stress me out.  It has cute animation, positive messages, and some pretty good songs.  (Even the Panda has been known to try out a couple of the more noteworthy episodes should he be in the room.)

I recently purchased "the Mane 6" crochet pattern from the Nerdy Knitter.  It has 45 pages in the PDF.  On Wednesday or Thursday of last week, I started in on Twilight Sparkle.

Wait, wait, let me back up.  Remember last year when I would talk briefly about playing Minecraft with my galpals?

One day I logged in and went to the little hidey hole we use for our beds, some extra storage...and basically just hiding from mobs.  I didn't know that DSCA had expanded it to have beds for all four of us...or that she had labeled them.

The signs read:  Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle.

What are your guesses as to who's who?

Anyway, I started Twilight Sparkle.  I brought the pieces of the plushie with me to Virginia, and I showed them to DSCA and Deevius.

And I made Deevius this promise (since DSCA had to work a half day on Friday and we were going to be in the house alone for the morning):  if she watched the key selections of My Little Pony and learned to sing along, I would make her Rainbow Dash.

She did all that I asked of her, and I think we'll make her into a 'brony' yet.  Or an Equestrian.  However you come down on the issue.

Deevius was departing for Michigan Sunday morning.  That's how I managed to stay up until 5:40 a.m. the morning of Daylight Savings, hurriedly crocheting Rainbow Dash's mane and tail pieces.  My hands literally gave up on life for the next two days.

However...I'm pleased to say that a finished Rainbow Dash is now dwelling in Michigan (and I apparently have earned the unending respect of DSCA's family).


And what's also awesome (other than getting nearly 150 positive karma on Reddit for this) is that I was able to submit the plushie as my Diplomatic mission for Starfleet (which is the Zimmermann's group mission):

Good evening instructors! I thought that gaining insight into the minds of other notable smuggling/swashbuckling types might help me to identify precisely what it is Mr. Mudd might want in trade for his fountain of youth potion. In my research, I identified a ship from a far distant galaxy known as the Serenity, and her captain and crew once smuggled a herd of cows successfully across space. However, it was noted in the log that Captain Mal Reynolds considered ‘black market beagles’ a far more profitable enterprise, given that they were smaller and easier to transport.
Well, I think we all remember Mr. Mudd’s other contribution to Starfleet records: the tribble. I think it’s fair to say from these studies that Mr. Mudd could be convinced to trade his potion for similarly small and rare animals. I found a unique breed of colorful miniature ponies, and I firmly believe Mr. Mudd would find them hard to resist, particularly if we get a Vulcan to do the bargaining.
Thank you for your time, instructors!
Dashie's been graded and accepted already!  I didn't get to finish Twilight, but that just means I can turn her in for a separate project of some description.  Not sure which yet.

Happy Saturday!  Craft on, my little ponies!

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