Friday, March 13, 2015

Build a Better Pokéball

For my first homework assignment, I chose to undertake the Defense Against the Dark Arts prompt.
Practice protego totalum by crafting something that can entirely surround the item intended to be protected.
 My post:

Professors, as an up-and-coming hopeful NQFY, it might not be a surprise to you that I have many roots in Muggle culture. In particular, I was fascinated by the fictional show called “Pokémon”--in particular, the charm that was used to contain creatures within a small space comfortably.
Not only did these pokéballs assist in capturing these mystical creatures, but they also appeared to protect them when the creature had reached the end of its strength and fainted. Finally, after much experimentation, I believe that I have the adequate use of protego totalum in order to protect a small creature, such as a young toad or cricket. Unfortunately, I’m still working on a spell that will shrink the occupant of this pokéball. Perhaps I’ll be able to figure that out for a different class.
Thank you for your help and instruction, professors!

When the professor assigned to grade NQFY can get around to me (and hopefully mark me complete), I will have earned this badge:

(What's creepy is how much he looks like my younger brother, Admiral Flapjack...)

And today's Friday, which means that this afternoon I'll be on my way to Shadowmoor!

For those new readers, Shadowmoor is the Live Action Roleplay (LARP) I participate in once a month from March until November.  I'll be toting some projects along with me, so look for some updates next week!

Craft on, friends!

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