Friday, December 19, 2014

VintageBeef III: UK Bound

After a terrible time trying to get a VintageBeef plushie sent over to the UK via USPS, he has finally made it into the hands of his ever-patient new friend, Zdenka.

I ended up shipping him FedEx instead; I'm not trusting any more third party handlers.

A side note: the customer service for FedEx is fantastic.  Very friendly, helpful, and forgiving.

Yesterday, I received this tweet:

Finally, after fearing he'd been lost in the international shipping shuffle, Beef made it all the way to Great Britain!

The real Mr. Beef had this to say:

I'm so very happy for Zdenka, and she's already informed Beef that he shall be meeting his plushie self at the announced London Minecon in 2015.  She's promised me pictures, and I'm very excited!

Thank you Zdenka; I would collaborate in any fangirl manner again!

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