Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Minecraft Builds: Aedui Bakery

Immediate disclaimer:  I don't build.

If I've said it once, I've said it at least a dozen strengths do not lie in building design.  They lie in copying other people's designs.

That said, I'm pretty good at listening to and/or watching Minecraft tutorials and taking their design principles and at least expanding  them a little bit.

So, if you've never heard of Lynchyinc, here's his Youtube channel.  I was introduced to his tutorials via BdoubleO, one of the Mindcrack server players, and I thoroughly enjoyed his medieval steampunk style.

Last week, when April and I had our normal Minecraft building meet-up (working on her village of Aedui, which when I first saw it, was just a storage room, mine, and an island she'd begun to level) I spoke to DSCA and Deevius and had them show up to help.  We decided that instead of going off on a crazy adventure (because April's connection was far too laggy), we would build something new.

Thus started the construction of the Aedui (eye-doo-ee) Bakery, which I finally completed last night, with the help and assistance of April and DSCA.

Ta da!  I designed a cupcake banner to put on the front, too.

From the back, you can see the twin brick
baking ovens, and their adorable chimneys.

Interior, bottom floor.

We had a time of it, trying to get those ovens lit without setting the ceiling on fire.  In the end, we tore out the wooden planks and put in stone slabs, instead.  I also added wooden beams to support the stone floor, and so far, no more fires.  

Bonus picture: in the distance, you can see the first building April and I did for Aedui.  We even have a villager that lives in the bottom floor!

Far left: DSCA.  Using the furnace: April.

You can sort of see the similar roofing styles between the two buildings at this angle.

I've left April to do the interior of the bakery, and hope to be pleasantly surprised the next time we're able to play again.  The only other buildings we've done for Aedui are the lighthouse/watchtower, and the half-finished home for the lighthouse keeper.  

But we had fun together, and I think that the bakery turned out decent, my lack of building skills considered!

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