Wednesday, December 10, 2014

House Slipper Collection

Several months ago now, DSCA and her family bought a house for the very first time.  It was a fixer-upper, and in the interest of packing up their things and then unpacking them, decided to pare down their possessions.

These possessions included a large paper bag (you know, the kind with thin, white handles that stores like Bath and Body Works gives you with a large order) FULL of random yarn.  April brought it with her when she came back from visiting DSCA in Virginia this summer.

The only thing asked of me was that I crochet some house slippers for Mom Wilson to have, in order for guests to wear while over at the house.

Using my modified version of the free pattern from ZoomYummy's website, I made five different pairs:

My slippers are modified to have less toe coverage in the beginning, and to make up the difference along the sole of the slipper.  This technique I developed when making the Power Ranger slippers last year:


Thank goodness for Ravelry notes!

Since I had to stay up late to wait for the Panda to get home from work, I started a new project (Facebook Art Trade #4) last night, but am lacking a tube sock.  Perhaps I can convince the Panda to sacrifice one in the name of craft projects everywhere...

I hope to post about it tomorrow!  (Fingers crossed!)

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