Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baby Groot!

Full disclaimer:  I have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy.  I do not intend to see it anytime soon.  After Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Captain America 2, I am all Marvel'd out.

However, this did not stop any of my friends from posting patterns on my Facebook wall.  The most prevalent being:

Baby Groot

The pattern was provided by Nathaniel Wise, whom I met through my husband's work at the university we attended.  I think he was angling for me to make him one.  Another mutual friend pointed out that now that Wise was married, his adorable and crafty wife could do it for him, and we left it at that.


I have another friend that LARPs in the same campaign, named Kat.  She is in possession of something I am not: a working sewing machine.  Remember when I made that post about Tatoke?  Well, when the local fabric store had it's summer clearance on fleece, I trotted my little self down there and managed to grab myself some anti-pill fleece in blue-gray for at least 60% off per yard (or more; can't remember at the moment).

Kat offered to help me make my own tunic for free, and she even purchased the trim sewn to the bottom hem and side slits.  (If I ever get around to it, I'll do pictures sometime.)

As trade, all she wanted was a Baby Groot for her husband, Doc.  She wanted it in time for Christmas, so over Thanksgiving I set out to try out Twinkie Chan's free pattern.

The results were quite adorable:

I didn't happen to have a usable flower pot handy.

To date, this is one of the most liked crochet projects on my Facebook wall.  And according to the Facebook Page manager, it's done better than 95% of my other posts made on my official Velvet Key Creations page.  (Go figure.)

And although the crochet subreddit isn't all that populous, most people seemed to enjoy him.  Unfortunately, since Groot is licensed by Marvel, he can't be sold in an Etsy store.  So, the cuteness is limited to personal gifts or trades.  Still, not too bad.

Today's updated crochet project list:

1)  House Slipper Collection (5 pairs)
2)  D20 of Plushiness
3)  Facebook Art Trade 2014 - #4
4)  Facebook Art Trade 2014 - #5
5)  Guude Plushie
6)  VintageBeef VII Plushie
7)  Baby Groot II
8)  Black & Purple Scarf

So, I did finish those goggles...future post!

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