Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Facebook Art Trades 2014 - #1

So I've been promising this post for awhile; it just took me a long time to get pictures!

On January 8th of this year, I copied and pasted the following status to my Facebook:

"I'm trying something different this year!

Welcome to Pay It Forward art-making project for 2014:

I promise to make a small work of art for the first five people who comment on this post and say "YES, I want in". A 'like' alone is not enough of a commitment, nor is a comment about thinking Pay It Forward is a great idea.

You must in turn post this as your status update and make something for the first five who comment on your status.

* The rules are simple: it has to be your work, made by you, and the recipient must receive it before 2014 ends.

* It can be anything art-based: a drawing or a conceptual work of art and anything in between. See? SIMPLE.

Yes, you can be on each other's pay it forward lists."

I had to check and make sure that crochet items counted as "art"...since I think of it more as a "craft".

Anyway, I had five sign-ups!

...let's not even examine the fact that it is now December of 2014 and I've only finished three of the five projects.

Moving on...

I had signed up for one of my former professors' art trades; when I was in grad school, I was prepping to teach English in China, so I took Cultural Anthropology, as well as History of Asia in the same semester.  I didn't know that the same doctor taught both classes, so it ended up that I saw her every day of the week for an entire semester.

She's an amazing lady; also a little bit of a geek.  She loves Doctor Who and frequently referenced it in the class my husband took from her, a special class about the concept of time throughout history.

So...I had already successfully completed the red Dalek for Deevius for her birthday during the summer.  What could be simpler than doing another?

Thus, I set out on the quest to create...The Purple Dalek.

Cuddly extermination may commence.

Throw in some Lego figures for scale.

Pretty good!

We met up at a Starbucks near my workplace and must have spent an hour just catching up and talking.  She had her art trade for me:

Fabulous handmade cards, and white shell jewelry!

I'm a huge fan of the abalone shell beads.  There's a particular store in Charleston, SC that I have to stop in whenever I'm in town that sells long strings of them.  I loved everything about this gift!

Thank you, Dr. S!

More on other art trades in a future post...

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