Saturday, December 13, 2014


Confession time:  I played Dragon Age: Origin all day today (minus the time I spent washing all the dishes, scrubbing out the sink, cleaning spaghetti night off of the white stove).

I even played it during the Broken Buttons build event today.  o_O

Not sure I'm ready to admit that I have a problem...yet.

But I will admit to wanting to know how the story ends.  I'm just a little frustrated at the moment, because I'm having to leave some of the areas unfinished because the final bosses (and some mini-bosses) are too powerful for me to successfully beat.

*dramatic sigh*

Needless to say, no craftsies today.  Tomorrow's up in the air, too.

Anyway, on with the Throwback!

I make a Christmas gifts for distant family (or at least, I have been the last two years since getting married) and ship them out usually with enough time for them to arrive by Epiphany.  (That's January 6th.)

Cominatcha from Christmas 2012: crocheted hotpads!

Don't they look like little ornaments?

Those little dart designs are actually raised, so you can set hot pots and pans on them.  Neat!

Until tomorrow!

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