Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dwarf Lass's Beard! - Cosplay Commission

For LARP last month, I was told that the plot team needed a dwarf beard to match the one I had made in 2013:

That's Mike the coworker.

We had been asked to help run a special All Hallow's (Halloween) haunted house.  Deevius was also with me, for her first (and so far, only) LARP event.  Mike was playing a barbarian.  I was an islander (think Polynesian--I wore a lei and a sarong with hibiscus flowers).

So, in reusing the beard, Mike and Sheryl were going to be playing a pair of dwarf siblings, so she wanted a "girly" beard.  


How you make an epic beard girly is a little beyond me, but she asked for green bows, so I thought, "Okay, I can figure something out."

Using the same pattern as before, courtesy of Melissa Campbell (Ravelry login required) I started the beard base.

And then I realized that in my 2013 notes about the first beard, all I had said was "pattern was followed 85%; I made some strands shorter due to wearer’s request."

...um, whut?

Commence the educated guessing!  Finished product:

Pattern is supposed to be accompanied by a
crocheted helmet, hence the buttonholes.

I threaded some rare sparkly green yarn I found
in a clearance bin in a tiny yarn shop in New York
through the "metal clasps" of the beard, and 
embellished with plastic gems for extra girlyness.

I found a YouTube tutorial on how to tie perfect bows,
and made teeny, tiny ones.  I then secured the center
knot with superglue and a gem.  I also knotted and 
glued all of the ends, just to be safe.

After all of my rushing around to get this and Nautica's scarf done in time for the event, the gal playing the sister dwarf did not come to the event, or I would have tried to get a picture of her for you.

Instead, Mike the coworker wore his beard, and some professional photographers were out and caught these candids:

Left to Right:  Eolian (Dave) and Moriarty (Todd).

The girl with her back to the camera
is Onesti (Ashe), who plays a Sarr (cat person).

The crochet quest continues!  Today's list:

1)  Two (2) pairs of aviator goggles.
2)  A D-20 plush dice.
3)  Five (5) pairs of slippers.
4)  Guude plushie (the first one!)
5)  VintageBeef VII
6)  Enderman (still...)
7)  Baby Groot II  (I'll do a different post on Baby Groot I.)

We'll keep plugging away!

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