Saturday, December 6, 2014

Aviator Goggles

When I started GM'ing for my husband and our friends, it was discovered that nobody had rolled a medic/healer.  Not. One. Person.


As it happened, the Panda (who likes to play with the D&D character creator) likes to make random characters just because.  He had found the "artificer" class and made me a character.  He adjusted her slightly to be a medic type, and then it was decided that I could play her.

Yes, I am GM'ing and playing a character.  I take lots of chances to make my character as non-threatening and semi-useless as possible.  She's a very heavy sleeper, klutzy, and hates my husband's character (for plot and historical reasons).

Anyway...since I LARP, I have a thing about costuming.  I decided that all good artificers have goggles, so I found a pattern by Yarn Twins for an aviator hat set (Ravelry link; pattern purchase necessary) that includes hats, goggles, and scarves for humanoids of all ages and sizes!

I went ahead and made myself a trial pair:

It was so hard to get my hook 
through the plastic lenses!

You can actually see through the plastic, but it can scratch easily, so I primarily wear them as decoration.

Well, my friends saw them and at the time said they wanted their own pairs.

This Christmas season, I remembered this.

Hence, I took the plastic cover from our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie and with the help of the Panda, made:

I made a few mistakes, but I don't think Deevius or DSCA will notice.  We've pushed our 'holiday' visit in Virginia back to January or February, though, so I can lay off the gas a little bit and go back to working on Guude and VintageBeef for the time being.

Talk to you later!

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