Friday, December 5, 2014

Facebook Art Trades 2014 - #2

The second art trade went to another of my husband's former coworkers.  We call him 'Biester'.  He's Swiss.  There are a lot of jokes at his expense.

Biester has yet to finish the final game in the Mass Effect series, but he asked if for the art trade I would make him something in that theme.

I did some research for charts and graphs, and found something suitable.  I had to reduce the size a little; otherwise the coasters I made would have been better off as trivets:

If you squint a little and tilt your head, they're great!

These didn't get a very good reception on the Mass Effect subreddit, but I keep telling myself that as long as Biester likes them (he wouldn't stop thanking me), then that's all that matters.

I hope to finish work on the last pair of slippers in the House Slipper Collection!  From there, I will probably give Guude some much-needed attention.

Until tomorrow (I hope!).

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