Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Facebook Art Trades 2014 - #3

When I agreed to do the Facebook Art Trades of 2014, I signed up for two trades.  I already posted about the fabulous jewelry and handmade cards from Dr. S.

The second trade was with Roger (Tao from LARP) whom I met through Mike the coworker.  I joined a Star Wars RPG, and Roger played Maru, our unofficial leader.  We started spending more time together after he graduated from college.  We actually played through the Mass Effect trilogy together at my house (because my hubby has all of the DLCs).

Together, we played a FemShep with an engineer background, who romanced Liara and made a few more 'renegade' decisions than my original FemShep playthrough.

Anyway!  Roger invented and mastered making fluffy brownie cupcakes.  That was my trade, and believe me, it was long gone before there could be any pictures taken.

In exchange, when I went up to the last LARP session of this year (during the "Polar Vortex" -- it was below freezing for more of the weekend than the sun was out), I crocheted him some fingerless gloves, by tracing his hand and estimating using this pattern by Vampireweasel (purchase required; Ravelry link).  It was made much simpler when he decided he didn't want the extra thumb piece.

I then brought a bag of random yarn colors with me to LARP, and made and sold another pair to Mike F., a plot member.  He was generous and paid me double what I asked for (really, they're a quick project, even when you can't really feel your fingers due to the polar vortex).

Here's the pictures:

Strong man hands, ladies.

Here's hoping that's not an unintentional gang sign.

This takes care of all the projects I've finished that I was ready to share with you!  Hopefully, I'll finish those house slippers tonight and be able to post about them tomorrow.

(Did I mention I'm trying to blog every day in December?)

I'm trying to blog every day in December!  ^_^

Here's to 9 days!

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